Sunday, November 16, 2014

Lucinda Williams (Lincoln Theater, 11/12/14)

And yes.  That's exactly it.  I hadn't been back to the Lincoln Theater since the renovation (the last time was that magical 2002 Beck show)..   The energy at the show built - and by the end, she had the crowd begging for more.  Dancing in the aisles.  Rockin' in the free world.. 

She told short stories before a few of the songs.  Hit us with a one-two punch of Pineola and Drunken Angel.  Rocked West Memphis.  The band was tight and each song seemed to build on the one before.  This wasn't the firebrand I saw in Detroit in '99, or the laid-back homecoming show at Stubbs in 2006.  She was living inside these songs in a deep way - but still had the energy and vitality to push them across.. 

We'll see how Bob does on that front next week. 

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