Friday, February 26, 2016

Homecoming (Josh Ritter / 9:30 Club / 2/23)

I feel a change in the weather
I feel a change in me

-- Josh Ritter --Homecoming

A random rainy Tuesday in February, quickly double-booked between a happy hour and spontaneously purchased Josh Ritter tickets. The StubHub envelope came with an extra, creating unexpected complications and cancellations and co-worker round robin.

All of that settled, pedaling north through the cold and rain up to the show - alive. Happy. Josh was already in the middle of his first song, mixing Birds of the Meadow with Frank Ocean's hook on No Church in the Wild. And it just rolled from there. Some surprises - a sublime cover of Roger Miller's Engine #9 (which shows just how hard it is to nail a Roger Miller song). And he was at his best when it was just him and the guitar. He had a power over the audience, a command of language and line that was palpable.

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