Friday, March 18, 2016

Fortynine Palms - Oasis

It's a long, long way
down to Reno Nevada
And a long, long way to your home
But the change in your pocket is beginning to grumble
And you reap just about what you've sown

- Richard & Mimi Farina

I've finally stopped moving. Albeit briefly. The calm before the storm. Richard & Mimi Farina's Celebrations for a Grey Day spinning. And it fits just perfectly. There's this restless energy, a bit of a drone, an electricity - mixed with tradition - that feels just right.

Off on Sunday to the sands of Malibu, old Pasadena, then up into the gorgeous high desert. Back to DC on a red-eye for 36 hours, then off to Austin and Barton Springs and BBQ-reunions of old friends. Then from Texas to Miami for alligators and airboats and adventures.. Hopefully by the time I'm back it will have warmed back up. And it'll be time to get out on the water! Or take the ol' Yuba up the C&O for some camping..

Still reading Ferrante. Still entranced..

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