Thursday, April 28, 2016

Books and Bluegrass and Bikes

Cool, wet, grey. Rolling down the First Street cycletrack, raindrops on my cheeks, I felt alive. There's something soothing about this weather. It's like Paris in October. That low blanket of clouds that settles in over the city.

Random Notes:

  • I'm volunteering at the Kingman Island Bluegrass Festival on Saturday! On some variation of trash duty, but it's good for free admission and a free t-shirt and a beer token.
  • Still listening to Sturgill Simpson quite a bit but ready for something a bit funkier..
  • Got a ticket to see Bob Boilen read (with Carrie Brownstein!) on Monday night at Sixth & I. I picked up a copy of his new book at East City Books the other day - the East Side's answer to Politics and Prose (I hope!). Then Delillo on Tuesday night. Same place. Words, words, words..

  • Making my way through Wild. It's better than I thought it would be - she's a great writer and tells the story well. Then Fates and Furies. Before I make a solid stab at Anna K.

  • Coming up.. Funk Parade. Heartless Bastards. A thousand other things.

  • I'm taking a creative writing class at CHAW - Writing Games. It's been fun to play - and is pushing me to dig back into my old work and push it forward..

  • Checking the tides... Ready to get back into the water.
That, for now, is all.

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