Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Are You With Me Now? (Cate LeBon - Rock n' Roll Hotel - 5/7/16)

Came in as the opener, Mega Bog, were winding down. Third row. Not crowded, not yet. Good conversation, good people, good times.

Cate Le Bon - 5/7/16

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The lights went down and they walked out. Cate in black pants and platform shoes and black makeup lines under her eyes.

One foot well in front of the other, wielding the guitar like a bayonet. She had a restless, lithe presence. Bouncing slightly from foot to foot. Playing with sound, texture, tempo.

The band was incredibly tight, trading instruments while the songs were in progress. This beautiful fine line between noise and melody. And that voice. Like Nico. Like Neko. Like.. Cate.

There was a moment during this song -- when the descending bass lines were set off against her voice and those chords on the chorus -- and it all came together, and I smiled, deeply. Felt it. Felt lifted by it. Those moments are what make shows worth going to:

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