Friday, May 20, 2016

Odds and Ends

Lost time is not found again

A lot to catch up on. Let's do it in bullets:

  • Reviews of shows forthcoming - the Heartless Bastards & Old 97's @ 9:30 Club (5/9); Horsefeathers @ Hamilton (5/15).
  • Just bought Sturgill tickets for DAR in October! The album is incredible. And I'm sure seeing him live will be even better... I only wish I'd been on the bandwagon when he was playing smaller venues.
  • I picked the lucky tire patch kit this morning on Bike to Work Day (aka a normal day)! Thanks Daily Rider!
  • Off to Miami on Sunday - tacking on a quick jaunt to the Keys before meetings on Monday and Tuesday. Snorkeling in Islamorada
  • This article on Blonde on Blonde has been rolling through my head lately. Despite it's clickbait title (which the author isn't responsible for). It's thoughtful and right on (at many points) and well-written. But most of all, this paragraph nails what I love about Blonde on Blonde. And why I've been playing it past midnight lately:

    But overall, the album is vast and true, and when Dylan describes the sound of it as “that thin, that wild mercury sound” we nod. Yes. I read or heard it described once as an album that sounds like three o’clock in the morning feels. Yes. How it feels boozy, on fine liquor, with the promise of sublime sex just as the coal of night fades into aching blue wonder of early morning. That’s the sound. And I remain mesmerized by Johanna. I’ll be listening to that song until I die.
  • Thinking surfing lessons in the Rockaways over Memorial Day... and still planning those backpacking trips in the Smokies and Big Bend. And headed back to Joshua Tree in June and beyond..

That, for now, is all..

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