Friday, September 5, 2014

Best of the Basement

At last.  A playlist.  In four categories (omitting most covers, and most greatest hits):

The Classics
  1. Crash on the Levee:  Sugar for sugar, salt for salt.
  2. I Shall Be Released:  I've seen my light come shining.
  3. This Wheel's On Fire:  King Lear.
  4. Goin' to Acapulco:  Rose Marie she likes to go to big places.. 
  5. Too Much of Nothing:  No one has control..  

The Playful

  1. Santa Fe:  My dear, dear, dear, Santa Fe...
  2. Tueplo:  A big flood.  Terrible.  
  3. I'm Your Teenage Prayer:  Take a look at me, babe..
  4. I Can't Come in With a Broken Heart:  Fuzzy funky bass line.
  5. I'm a Fool For You:  Could have been a Motown hit.
  6. All American Boy:  So you wanna be a rock and roll star?
  7. See ya later, Allen Ginsburg:  How high?
  8. Lo and Behold:  What's it to you, Moby Dick? 
  9. Yea, Heavy and a Bottle of Bread:  Take me down to California, baby..

The Sacred

  1. People Get Ready:  All you need is faith..  
  2. Sign on the Cross:  The fire sermon.

I'm Not There (1956) + Bonus

  1. I'm  Not There (1956):   So many words.
  2. Bonus:  Grand Coulee Dam (Woody Guthrie Tribute, January 68).

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