Tuesday, September 2, 2014

You & Me & Rain on the Roof

So I wrote up a lengthy post the other night (quite late) on Joni Mitchell and the mysteries of Blue and Heijira - but it's a sweaty, sultry, summer morning now and the tone just doesn't feel quite right.  I'm feeling a bit more Eddie Cochrane -

Oh, and the thunderstorms this weekend had me playing the Loving Spoonful again..  one of the first records from my dad's collection that I really took as my own, this song has a special spot in my formative-music-moment memory:

The thrill of getting caught in the rain.  Laughing while it soaks the flowers..   maybe we'll be caught for hours.  Moments outside of time.  But oh god.  The stock images in the video.  Maybe just listen and not watch..  or is the whole thing really that syrupy?

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