Monday, September 22, 2014

Great Music Moments / Wanda Jackson

The great Michael Corcoran puts together a fantastic list of the best Austin shows...  ever.   Oh to have been at any one of them (though he leaves off Johnny Cash at Emo's in '94 and plenty of others). I found that picture of the Dylan press conference in the Statesman negative collection at the AHC back in my Photo Curator days (another image from the same session is here).  And used to live in what was left of the Villa Capri (that mid-century hotel turned into ramshackle apartments just off South Congress).  And there are times I miss that job..  and that city.  I love the energy of the east coast - and my old criteria for a place to live (a major league baseball team and a good art museum) still stand... but.

Meanwhile, here, in the present.   My dad in town this weekend meant lots of Gordon Lightfoot and Pete Seeger and Johnny Horton and the Beatles and the Weavers.  H Street festival adventures.  On stage somewhere along H, J watching a band with a female lead-singer said to me, quite sincerely (with a hint of disappointment) - "That's not Wanda Jackson."  She loves this song, which she first heard on that drive to Cinci, and still insists on playing over and over:

Maybe I should take her to see ol' Wanda at the Hamilton on Nov. 15..

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