Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lost Time is Not Found Again

Wow.  So it's officially coming out!  The full Basement Tapes in all their ragged glory..

I first heard the tapes on some cassette boots in the late 90's..  And those scattered tracks on Jesse's copy of Great White Wonder.  Then my own copy of GWW, from a record store in Ann Arbor (which I still have).  Then a dub of the Genuine Basement Tapes then later the remastered Tree With Roots on CD-R (now on grooveshark, of course).  I remember playing it for hours in that Toledo apartment - about the time I fell into the Anthology of American Folk Music. And things changed. 

There are some amazing moments.  The sheer, indescribable "I'm Not There (1956)" - a song that contains worlds.  The giddiness, the bawdiness, the openness..  I can't wait to dive back in.. Deep.

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