Friday, August 22, 2014


So Ryan Adams is playing the 9:30 on Monday, Sept. 8th.  I found out too late.  Sold out.  And the cheapest tickets on StubHub are $101.  Blerg. 

But his bio / resume on the listing is priceless.  A sampling:

  • September 2000 (what is it with September?) - Heartbreaker released, solo debut on Bloodshot Records. Produced, like Gold would be, by Ethan Johns. Includes “My Winding Wheel,” “Oh My Sweet Carolina” (featuring Emmylou Harris), “Come Pick Me Up.” You know you could.
  •  September 2001 to February 2002 - Gold released, major label (Lost Highway) debut that goes on to sell nearly a million copies worldwide to date. Features “When Stars Go Blue,” quoted in Stephen King’s Lisey’s Story and likely known to your friends and family as "that Tim Graw song the kid did on American Idol” or “the song the Corrs did with Bono.” Also features unintentional post-9/11 anthem "New York, New York” as well as "The Rescue Blues," "Answering Bell” and at least one or two others you’d recognize from a movie or TV show.
  • November 2003 to May 2004 - Produced with John Porter and recorded in New York and New Orleans, Love Is Hell is originally released as two EPs in late 2003 due to Lost Highway’s concerns about the full album’s commercial viability. They apparently do not have the same reservations about Rock N Roll, released in full around the same time. Love Is Hell ultimately released as full album, “Political Scientist,” Please Do Not Let Me Go,” “This House Is Not For Sale" still kill it, so whatever.

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