Sunday, August 17, 2014

Mixed Up Shook Up [Boy]

Driving back today, 10 hours across misty Ohio farmland, through the wilds of West Virginia, the majesty of the Sideling Cut then the ever thickening arteries of traffic funneling into suburban Maryland, I worked my way through the same CD stack with a few variations.
  •  Morning Phase (Beck) - 2x - Perfect for 6a misty morning driving.
  • Wrecking Ball (Emmylou) - I still prefer Red Dirt Girl - but there's some great stuff here.  Every Grain of Sand and Deeper Well and Lucinda's Sweet Old World and Gillian's Orphan Girl and.. 
  • Bob Dylan: Artist's Choice  (Various) - Unlike Joni he didn't pick any of his own songs.  But a lot of great stuff on here.
  • What's on Your Mind (Eric B. & Rakim):  This belongs on a mix..  

Dylan's Artist Choice CD which I picked up at Starbucks (apparently in 2008) and hadn't listened to in years has some great stuff (of course) and Chronicles-esque liner notes which are fun to read.  Standouts:

Wanda Jackson - I Gotta Know:  Rockabilly meets country meets Elvis:

Pee Wee Crayton - Do Unto Others:  Revolution before the revolution.

Patty and the Emblems - Mixed Up Shook Up Girl:  2 minutes of bliss.  That feeling..

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