Saturday, December 6, 2014

Falling Down Blues

Riley Puckett (center).  Mid-20's.  Georgia.

A wonderful trip to Joe Bussard's today.  Met NP and JP at the Glenmont metro around 9a, breakfast at the Sunshine General Store then on to Joe's up misty Georgia Avenue towards Frederick in the light rain.  Relaxed, easy conversation - music, life, good times..

It's been a few years since I last saw Joe.  Small changes.  He's definitely getting older..  no talk of politics.  Fewer rambling stories..  We started with some new stuff he'd just picked up.  A Jabbo Smith record led to more hot jazz.  Then JP wanted to hear some bluegrass which led to a lot of great Stanley Brothers..

I asked for Henry Thomas and he obliged with Old Country Stomp / Bull Doze blues (Vocalion 1230).  Then, without asking, he slipped into Furry Lewis.  I took off my glasses as he played Falling Down Blues.  Eyes closed, the room transformed and it felt like Furry was in the corner.  Playing.  Alive.  Out of time.   Then more blues.  Jim Jackson singing about his old dog blue (and almost choking up).

Towards the end he pulled out the old Martin to show off his fingerpicking slide work with a screwdriver before we ducked back into the rain.

I'm ready to go back...  soon.   

This blog's namesake label..

The records.  And that speaker - which is the source of most of the magic.

The one and only Charlie Poole.  That look.

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