Thursday, December 4, 2014

Sweet Tejas Music

So I picked up the new Oxford American Music issue yesterday, featuring the one and only Texas.  An incredible set - stretching from Buddy Holly to Ornette Coleman to Ray Price and Bob Wills. 

And then learned this morning that the one and only Ian McLagen died in Austin last night.  Though British he was a big part of Austin's musical soul..

 More thoughts on the OA disc as I dive deeper.  And read.  There's a promising article by Amanda Petruisch (of "Don't Sell at Any Price" fame) on DJ Screw.  Who should be on the CD.  Along with Blind Willie Johnson and Lefty Frizzell and so many others they no doubt had trouble licensing..

A trip to Joe Bussard's is in the works for Saturday...  I can't wait. 

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