Sunday, December 28, 2014

Twist & Shout

There's snow in the mountains and on the ground here in Denver. Cookies and candy and chipped teeth in the land of cookie cutter suburbs. But there are dogs and kids playing together and nothing of any importance to do..

Last night I went into the city and visited Twist & Shout and Tattered Cover again. Great records at good prices. I picked up physical copies of St. Vincent and D'Angelo's Black Messiah. Some Eric Anderson records. And the biggest coup of all - a copy of the 6 CD Anthology of American Folk Music - without book or box. Since I bought the set in late-97, I've lost most of the original discs.. and it's great to have them all back.

And then, in a truly surreal moment, at a Buffalo Exchange on South Broadway, picking up a handbag labeled "Grillot / 10 rue Cambon / Paris" (and a nice pair of Clarks). Some googling now has me intrigued.. Who were these Grillot's? Based on this, it seems they were active in the 50'-60's.

Today a solo escape to the Denver Art Museum (they seem to have some old favorites from DC on view). But for now, watching some videos from last week at Mavericks.

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