Friday, December 19, 2014

Les lettres

So I learned the other day that letters sent to Main Justice are x-rayed and irradiated and only slowly, slowly, make their way to our building... 

When I first moved to NYC in January of 2005, I started listening to WFUV, of course, but also WFMU where I ran across Laura Cantrell's Radio Thrift Shop (now, sadly, long defunct).  She was warm and charming and played just the music I wanted and needed...  Kitty Wells, Bob Wills, Ray Charles, and Neko Case all in one big wonderful mix.  Streaming her show at that large art table turned into a desk in the Vidipax video processing room.  Huge plate-glass windows looking down on W. 31st street and the WNET building. 

I later learned that she made her own albums and played around town a bit (I remember one night in the back of Barbès particularly well).  And it was from her that I first heard this Lucinda Williams song that Lucinda hadn't recorded (or at least hadn't released):

It captures that feeling nicely - of anticipation. Of tangible connection.

And, in heavy rotation lately, Time out of Mind, World Gone Wrong, and John Fahey.

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