Friday, December 12, 2014

Where the winds hit heavy on the borderline...

So I've limited this blog to two things: (i) music and (ii) books. Which makes sense. A diary is uninteresting except to the diarist (though I've tried it before).

But there are a lot of things that fall in between the cracks of those two things. Scrambling the billy goat trail on cold December Sunday afternoons with a five-year old setting the pace. The first night of French class in a balmy church office on Thomas circle, following the discussion and holding my own in conversation. The rituals of work and bike rides and records.   Endings, beginnings, circles.  Memories.

A few random music notes / links to justify this post:
  • Aquarium Drunkard has two great, monthly themed, playlists up now:  November & December.
As I said before, the reason for the new versions is that I've changed. You meet new people in your life, you're involved on different levels with people. Love is a force, so when a force comes in your life – and there's love surrounding you – you can do anything.
  • Ariel Pink and Ryan Bingham and Parquet Courts and Lydia Loveless and so much more coming soon..  

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